The cloud has never been this fast

Netpump Data will substantially improve network performance and lower costs

Fast (Very fast!)

Up to 15x faster data transfer!


Supported wherever TCP/IP is used (i.e., everywhere).


Supports all security protocols.


Progressive pricing starts at just AUD$0.02/GB.

Easy to deploy

No hardware or end-user training needed.

Energy Efficient

Uses around 50% less CPU during data transfer and lowers transfer time.

How It Works

Netpump uses nonlinear data transfer to gain its edge over TCP/IP, FASP and UDP.

TCP/IP uses linear data transfer through a single port, making it vulnerable to packet loss.

When packets are received with an error over TCP/IP, a request for re-transmission is sent. Until an error-free packet is received, transfer time is cut in half to allow re-transmission. The cost of packet loss compounds over time because with each successive error, packet transfer continues to halve per packet error.

Netpump uses nonlinear data transfer through multiple ports to fix this problem.

Optimised data segmentation and nonlinear transfers mean that multiple ports are used instead of just one. This greatly reduces the risk of access congestion, enables accelerated delivery, and accesses the latent capacity of available bandwidth.

Better resilience to packet loss makes Netpump faster than its peers.

In this test, we transferred a 4.39GB file on an 80Mbps network with 19ms latency using ordinary TCP/IP and Netpump. Netpump will optimise data throughput on any TCP/IP enabled network.

These results have been independently replicated by Interactive. You can read Interactive’s full report here here

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The video below shows us moving the same 6.11GB files from South Africa to the USA on the Azure Cloud. It took 14:29 on ordinary TCP/IP and 3:59 with Netpump. That is 3.64x faster!

To see the full-length version of this video, please click here.

NB: Once a licensed version of Netpump Data is installed, the GUI is not required. Netpump Data operates in the background, invisibly to the end-user, with 'drag and drop' simplicity.

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Compared to our peers

Netpump Data is faster, less expensive and more versatile

Netpump Aspera Signiant Data Expedition
Starting Price (lowest volume tier) $0.02/GB $1.34/GB POA $3,000 per Server for 3 months
Delays further capital costs
100% Pure Software
No third party infrastructure
Closed or air gapped networks
Doesn’t require change of protocol on smart devices
Doesn't require CDN or Provider Services
Data Transmission Method Nonlinear / Multi port Linear / Single port Linear / Single port Linear / Single port

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