Higher bitrate streams at less cost

Netpump Video is a lightweight protocol that improves quality of experience for users at a reduced cost for video streaming providers.

Higher video resolution

Performance gains most significant over low bandwidth.

Reduced jitter and buffering

Removes costly user pain points.

Lossless compression

Enables 20% less storage and data transfer requirements – and 20% less cost.

Energy Efficient

End user devices will use around 50% less CPU while streaming.


Compatible with all video players, codecs and Digital Rights Management technologies

Easy roll-out

Can be implemented via a software or website update.

Independent testing shows much higher bitrates with Netpump Video

Interactive performed comprehensive independent testing across several connection types and hosting environments. You can read Interactive’s full report here here.

Netpump Video resulted in a transformative quality of experience improvement for users, with a 215% improvement in bitrates.

Independent testing shows lossless file compression of around 20%

Files only need to be compressed once for all future streams to obtain the benefit of being 20% smaller. This means 20% cheaper storage and distribution costs.

Simple Implementation Roadmap

Netpump Video can be rolled out easily and quickly by Streaming Video Providers with immediate cost saving benefits.

Step 1

Netpump video encodes the original file by splitting it into smaller segments which optimises it for accelerated delivery.

Step 2

During this one-time encoding process, lossless compression may also be applied to shrink the file by 20%. No other changes to current infrastructure or workflows are required.

Step 3

A software or web update enables client devices to reassemble data segments through an automated decode process. This delivers the actual source file with no impact to integrity.


Client device monitors network conditions to determine optimal encode delivery rate. Device buffers entirely from cache to deliver full quality, reliable video streaming without any buffering or jittering.

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