Netpump Video is a lightweight software enabled protocol that offers better Quality of Experience for users at reduced cost for Streaming Video Providers.

Uses Netpump Data All of the features and benefits of Netpump Data optimised for adaptive bitrate video streaming.
Video Player Agnostic The SDK is compatible with all video players, codecs and Digital Rights Management technologies.
Lossless Compression 20% lossless compression tool means either lower data distribution costs, better quality for end-users or a combination of both.
Easy roll-out to users Once implemented, Netpump Video may be easily rolled out to end-user client devices through a "push" software update.
Energy Efficient End user devices will use around 50% less CPU while streaming and have a longer battery life.


Netpump Video can be rolled out easily and quickly by Streaming Video Providers and cost savings will accrue immediately once deployed.

Netpump Video encodes the original file and is split into data segments in either time splitting (TS) mode with proprietary lossless compression (typically 20% data reduction) or by packet splitting (PS) mode.

The data segment size is optimised to accelerate their delivery through existing infrastructure (cloud, origin server or CDN) over standard TCP/IP internet.

The data segments are reassembled at the receiving device through an automated decode process that delivers the actual source file with no impact on integrity.

Client device monitors network conditions to determine optimal encode delivery rate when using ABR and buffer configuration to deliver full quality, reliable video streaming without buffering or jittering.

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