Netpump Data will improve network performance and productivity and is ready for mass deployment now.

Energy Efficient

Requires 50% less CPU usage during data transfer creates substantial energy savings and transfer time is diminished.

Technology Agnostic

Works across all levels of infrastructure, networks and devices that support TCP/IP with any file type.

Easy Deployment

Software may be easily deployed without the need for hardware upgrades to devices and infrastructure.


Up to 2048-bit encryption before, during and after transmission across the network.


Allows disrupted or paused transfers to continue from point of interruption without the need to start again.

Augments SD-WAN

Netpump is faster than SD-WAN but will create further network performance gains when used together.

How It Works
Netpump Data uses a patented method of load management balancing of multi-thread data segment transmission which creates market-leading performance gains.
Ordinary TCP/IP uses contiguous transfer and is fragile to packet transfer error

When packets are received with an error over TCP/IP, a request for re-transmission is sent and until an error-free packet is received, transfer time is cut in half to allow re-transmission. The cost of packet loss compounds over time because with each successive error, packet transfer continues to halve per packet error.

Netpump encodes data to optimally sized segments to ensure packets always move at peak capacity

Optimised data segmentation and non-contiguous transfer greatly reduces the risk of access congestion, enables accelerated delivery, and accesses the latent capacity of available bandwidth.

Better resilience makes Netpump much faster than all of its peers

In this test, we transferred a 4.39GB file on an 80Mbps network with 19ms latency using ordinary TCP/IP, UDP and Netpump. Netpump will optimise data throughput on any TCP/IP enabled network.

Wireshark screen grabs, source data and a demonstration are available on your own network are available on request. Please get in touch if you’d like to discuss improving the performance and productivity of your network.

Netpump Data is faster, less expensive and more versatile than all of its peers.
Netpump Aspera Signiant Data Expedition
Low Price
Delays further capital costs
100% Pure Software
No third party infrastructure
Closed or air gapped networks
Doesn’t require change of protocol on smart devices
Requires CDN or Provider Servers No Yes Yes Yes
Data transmission method Unique Traditional Traditional Traditional

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